Please read the below testimonials to hear and understand why other families have chosen Center Stage Dance for their children...

”My girls, Brooke and Heather Schulte, have been dancing at Center Stage Dance and Performing Arts for the past seven years under the loving direction of Kristi Davar. Kristi and her amazing staff have transformed our girls into beautiful and graceful dancers!  They have flourished in the family friendly environment and have developed a true passion for the art of dance. Brooke and Heather have been in the last seven annual dance concerts and are on many of CSDPA’s award-winning competitive teams.  We love watching them grow and seeing their dance skills, confidence and stage presence improve every year. In addition, my daughters have made many quality friendships with their peers and dance instructors that they will cherish for a lifetime. We are so happy to be part of the CSDPA family!" -- Misty Schulte

"My daughter loves Center Stage Dance and Performing Arts!  We transferred from a studio that was taught based on negative feedback and unrealistic expectations.  When we came to CSDPA, it was like a breath of fresh air.  The owner, Kristi Davar is a smart, compassionate and creative miracle worker!  All the teachers actually love dancing and performing as well as teaching, and are great role models for the kids.  My daughter has developed many friendships at the studio, and so have I!  The studio is full of supportive and encouraging people, from the kids and the parents to the teachers.  In addition to the family-like community, the instructors are highly trained and continue to develop award-winning numbers every year.  My daughter’s technique improves each year, and I can’t wait to see what she will do next.  Thank you, CSDPA!"  -- Kimberly Murdock

"What a wonderful journey my daughters have been on for many years with Center Stage Dance and Performing Arts.  Kristi Davar’s warm heart and passion for dance is felt by all the students who pass through her doors – you can see it in their eyes.  I am forever grateful to all the teachers who have taught Melanie and Emily over the years: Kristi, Jackie, Kristen, Vicki, and Lauren.  Their level of commitment and dedication to each and every student is a great measure of the success of Center Stage Dance, not only to exceed each student’s expectations but to help form lifelong friendships along the way.  Their dedication, passion, education and love of dance has been a huge part of my daughters’ lives and is playing an even greater part in the young women they are being molded into today.  CSD has created a home away from home, filled with love and joy, where students get to learn and expand their horizons as dancers.  Thank you – you will always hold a special place in the Anderson girls’ hearts!" -- Mary Anderson

"My daughter has been with Center Stage Dance and Performing Arts for nearly a year and a half.  She had been with several dance studios previously and was discouraged by all of them, and in fact took several years off, until a friend told her about Center Stage.  My daughter decided to try some of the summer classes.  From the first day, she knew this was a special place.  Carly felt instantly welcomed and encouraged.  She knew her love of dance was reborn and found the perfect venue in Center Stage.  The teachers are all very knowledgeable and accomplished in their own right.  My daughter has learned choreography and techniques that she hadn’t learned elsewhere.  In addition to the extraordinary instruction, is the genuine caring, supportive, and nurturing environment which permeates the entire studio.  The students naturally follow the grace and kindness shown by the staff.  My daughter can’t imagine dancing anywhere else.  I am very grateful to Center Stage.  My daughter has once again found her passion for dance, and Center Stage has given her voice to the dancer she dreams of being."  --  Michelle Desmond

"Center Stage Dance is the best dance studio we have ever been to. When we moved to OC, we visited several studios. After the first class at CSD my daughter felt very at ease. The teachers were fun and nice. The owner, Ms. Kristi, does an amazing job of creating a friendly and welcoming environment, where the girls love being at the studio with the teachers and their friends.  The teachers are superb dancers themselves and their love of dance shows in their commitment to developing the girls’ technique and creating an environment that fosters respect and friendship among the dancers.  There's no favoritism, all the dancers are treated the same, and all dancers are "up front".  The camaraderie is positive and caring, from the front desk ladies who know each girl by name, to the teachers who expect the best from each dancer by motivating in positive ways. There's even a space for girls to do their homework and have a snack between classes. My daughter has grown so much as a dancer and performer thanks to CSD, blossoming from a shy dancer to performing on one of the dance teams.  We LOVE Center Stage Dance."  --  Rochelle Baker