Classes emphasize the development of classical ballet skills with a focus on proper placement and alignment.  Students will learn ballet vocabulary through both barre and center floor work, while building strength and flexibility.

Center Stage Dance offers ballet lessons for all skill levels from beginning pre-ballet classes for children to advanced ballet for teens to adults. Center stage Dance and Performing Arts offers a large variety of ballet classes including: Ballet I - children age 6-10, Teen Ballet I & II - ballet for beginning and intermediate teenagers, Ballet II - for ages 10 and up, Adult Ballet, Ballet IV - advanced ballet to ages 11 and up, Pre Pointe Ballet, and Pointe - Dancing on pointe and ballet technique.

Our large variety of ballet classes provides us the flexibility to teach ballet to all skill levels from beginning, intermediate to advanced. We believe that ballet dance classes are the "building block" for your child's overall dance education. We focus on the fundamentals of ballet with strong emphasis on technique. We work on strengthening and toning young bodies while challenging creativity. Pointe work is offered to those students exhibiting the strength, ability, and technique required from ballet training.